In aviation, safety comes from reliability

and reliability comes from study and testing


In-house design capabilities have always been one of the most important assets of the company.
AEROSVILUPPI has the required capabilities and tools for design development.
Specialized skills support is available according to project needs.

State of the art design and analysis software.

Examples of design activities :

  • Aircraft and helicopter parts and installations
    (including structural analysis)
  • Production tooling
  • Development and integration rigs for electro-avionic systems
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Flight simulators and training devices
  • Space components and special transport containers

Structural Analysis

In support of design, AEROSVILUPPI has capability and tools to predict the performance of the final product in any operational condition.

The process typical steps are:

  • Conversion from CAD
    Analysis model generation
    Working conditions simulation
    Analysis and review of results
    Data feedback to design

Type of analyses :

  • Preliminary sizing and verification
  • Finite Elements Modelling
  • Static stress
  • Deformation and buckling
  • Dynamic and vibration
  • Fatigue and service life
  • Weight and stiffness optimization
  • Impact

CE Certification

The CE mark certifies the conformity of the product to the safety requirements of the applicable European regulations
For parts or equipment requiring this certification, AEROSVILUPPI is qualified to perform the necessary analysis and verification activities and to produce the required documentation, such as:

  • Risk analysis
  • Technical data package
  • Test report
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • The documents can be prepared in different languages, according to requirements.