The right component, in the best way,

for maximum safety

The indispensable technical support for each production activity is carried out by the Production Engineering function. Aerosviluppi has the ability to plan, instruct and keep production under control through a dedicated office.

Mechanics and structures:

  • Assembly equipment and integration of space components
  • Integration and development benches for electro-avionics systems
  • Simulators for ground and flight tests
  • Prototypes, pre-series specimens and special installations
  • Assistance and customer support activities
  • Mass production of components, spare parts and assemblies for the aeronautical industry
  • Production equipment for mechanical, structural and assembly parts
  • Ground support equipment
  • Special transport containers


Aerosviluppi has an oven for the heating treatment of light alloy parts as solubilization hardening, annealing, aging. Dimensions are 750x800x1900 mm, maximum weight is 180 kg.

The technical characteristics of the system allow to treat also parts of low thickness (0.4 mm).

The system has a technological laboratory for the constant control of the treatments. The accuracy of the operation of the system is continuously checked for the maintenance of the qualifications.



In the aeronautical field, welding is considered a special process that requires the qualification of the system and the operator.

Aerosviluppi is qualified to carry out manual TIG welding on low alloy steels, corrosion resistant steels and light alloys with operators with thirty years of experience in the field.

Our welding activity is used both in the construction of parts and in repairs according to approved schemes.


Production of on-board wiring for electro-avionics systems ready to be installed on the aircraft.
The staff follows a training course until they reach the qualification.

Following this, skill tests are scheduled for currency.

All equipments required for manual processing are periodically checked and requalified.

In addition to the checks foreseen during construction, the qualitative examination of the finished wiring requires final continuity, insulation and dielectric test.