In aviation, safety comes from reliability

and reliability comes from study and testing

The Beginnings

Three friends and the construction kit of one small Zenair CH250 aircraft, a first but important experience for deciding that aviation would become a job and a business.

The First Project

In 1985 the prototype of the AS-10 was completed and tested. AS-10 ia a full metal, single-seat motor glider produced in kit for homebuilding enthusiasts. In Italy the AS-10 has awarded for its good flying qualities. AS-10 has been the first project of Aerosviluppi, starting company production with founders Alessandro Mainini and Giuseppe Blini.

Glying Aerobatic

The T-30 Katana by the italian designer Pietro Terzi is a single-seat competition aircraft. The prototype flew in 1991 followed by a limited series. Wings and tail are aluminum alloy construction with a steel tube fuselage covered with composite shells. It is powered by a 300hp engine.

Join Green Energy

Components for an innovative wind turbine generator, a giant with a 90 meters-wide rotor blades structure with a rotor area of 6.362 mq. The maximum rotor speed is 18,1 rpm to produce up to 2500 KW.

Going In Space

The main support structure of the Unmanned Space Vehicle designed by Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (Italian Aerospace Research Center). Two vehicles have been succesfully launched: Castore (2007) and Polluce (2010).

Military Training

A simple and cost-saving heated target for Infrared heat-seeking missile mounted onboard hattack helicopters. A light and reliable solution ready to be installed and replaced after each launch.