Let’s Take Off

Always ready for any new challenge


Design of parts and components for civil and military use. Defence components for onboard armaments. Series manufacturing of components, spare parts and complete structural assemblies for the aerospace industry. Ground support equipment.

Production tooling for mechanical parts and structural components, assembly jigs. Prototype and pre-series parts, special installations. Development and integration rigs for electro-avionic systems. Assembly and integration jigs for space components. Ground and flight testing mockups/replicas. Special transport containers.


Simulation has become a valid, reliable and vital auxiliary tool. We develop customized projects: iron-birds, avionics integration platform, maintenance trainers. Procedural trainers, flight procedures and ground training simulators.

Cockpit mockups for high level full flight simulators. Instructor stations and complete static simulators. Flight controls force feedback systems and functional instruments replicas. Maintenance training devices.


Main and nose landing gear installation trolleys, blade slings, satellite stand main transmission slings and any other tool or equipment necessary to improve your work or complete Your mission, even in hostile or particular environments, such as on the airport apron, flightline, onboard ships and avery other means of transport.

Replica and display equipment, products for ground and flight tests, jettison tests, C.G. controlling ballast, display replicas.


Design and production of on-board wiring for electro-avionics systems ready to be installed on the aircraft. Care and attention for the choice of approved cables and connectors.

Simple and complex, multipolar, radio frequency and waterproof connections for use in environments with wide temperature and vibration variations. Control and testing of each line made before delivery.

Project Management
Definition and analysis of mechanical and structural requirements, design, prototyping, consultancy for the construction of training and assembly structures and devices. Project managing. Design programming.

Verification of the performance and mechanical and electrical characteristics of an aerospace product. Quality control procedures and special or innovative projects. Analysis of the mechanical characteristics.

Special Projects

From one object that must reach the deepest ocean to another that will be launched beyond our galaxy. Whether in the aerospace sector or in the energy production brench, our cimpany is proud to join Your mission with its contribution to scientific and technical innovation for the future of mankind.

Being inspired, cooperate, facing new challenges, We work every day to reach our goals. That could be yours too.